Why I love watches.


It all started as a kid. I can't even remember why I became so fascinated with watches. I just loved the way they looked and felt. I loved wearing them and having different watches to go with the different things that I wore. I specifically remember my favorite watch as a kid. It was a watch I received from my mom for christmas. It had all these little silver links that could be connected and taken apart. All the little links had different designs and there were several watch faces. I wish I still had it, or even a picture of it. It's starting to fade from my memory.

Now as an adult, I still love watches. I'm not much of a watch snob though. You won't find my collecting tons of luxury watches. I'm more of a visual person. If I find a watch in a cool color or a unique style. I have to have it. My collecting of watches has gotten so out of control that I have 4 watch boxes filled with watches. I like to think it's kind of acceptable just because I've been gathering them for so long. 10 years + 4 watch boxes is not so bad right? Every now and then I give away some of my watches to my friends. I guess that's a good thing about being a watch addict. I always have a gift to give (don't worry I'm not giving away broken old garbage, all of my watches are in fabulous condition)

My addiction also branches out to jewelry. I love collecting really funky and fun jewelry. I don't mean stuff like diamonds, but the kind of stuff you can find for cheap at stores like forever 21. The only problem with that is they're not really that long lasting. Oh well, I get bored of jewelry faster than I do with my watches!