Rose Gold

The one thing I don't have in my watches is rose gold. I never really thought much about it. I suppose its because it's not the kind of metal you see in stores all the time, so getting a watch in that tone never really crossed my mind. Now I am certain that I need to add a rose gold watch to my collection because they are beautiful

I found a really cool list of watches at this site. They are all really pretty and it's given me a starting point for what styles I like the most. I seem to like the Anne Klein ones. Maybe I'll get one of those. They're not very expensive either, which is my favorite. I'm the cheapest collector you'll ever find.

I'm really drawn to the rose gold color at the moment because it's so uncommon. Yes it's trendy, but I also feel like you still don't see it very often. If I get a watch in this color, it's going to be spending more time on my wrist than in my box. I do wonder if I should hold off until spring however. It seems like more of a springy tone, but I think I might be able to pull it off in the winter if I put it together with dark colors. Hmmm. Tough decisions, y'all!